This month, we’re explaining payment plan statuses to help manage agreements during the summer and early fall.

Inactive Hold vs. Terminated 

Placing an agreement on hold will stop institution payments from processing until the status is changed back to active. An important thing to remember is, that while institution amounts on are hold, scheduled FACTS fees will continue to be processed. If there are outstanding fees on an automatic plan, a message will appear to remind you that fees will still be attempted as scheduled.

Terminating the payment plan agreement means it has been canceled and cannot be reactivated. No institution payments or FACTS fees are processed. As always, changes need to be posted two business days in advance of a scheduled automatic payment to stop it from processing.

For more information on how to make these status changes, please see the “Change: Agreement Status” article here in HubHelp.

Deleting Pending Agreements

You may have pending agreements that you do not need to finalize for one reason or another (for example, if the student withdrew). There are a couple of ways you can delete unneeded pending agreements.

First, go to Payment Activity > Pending. This will take you to the Pending Agreements Dashboard. In the Agreements section on the left side of the screen, you will see a link to “Delete Agreements.”

The next screen will look similar to below. The “Change Agreement Status” option defaults to Yes, and the new status selected will be “Deleted.” All you need to do is check the agreements you wish to delete and click the Change Selected Status button. The system will ask if you are sure, and you can choose Yes.

If you need to change a deleted agreement back to pending, please know that this is still an option.

For more information regarding deleting pending agreements, including how to change a deleted plan back to pending or inactivating a customer record, visit HubHelp or contact your account management team.