Courtney Haindel

Courtney Haindel

FACTS SIS Product Manager

Courtney Haindel is the Product Manager for FACTS SIS, Application & Enrollment and School Site. She holds her master's degree in educational administration and a CAEP certification (Certified Admissions and Enrollment Professional). Prior to coming to FACTS, Courtney was in education for 17 years, serving as director of marketing and enrollment (without a big staff!) at two large FACTS schools in Louisiana. She loves working with schools and dioceses around the country to use FACTS products to streamline their application, enrollment, and marketing processes.

Life Hack: When the Enrollment/Marketing Team is Just You

While some schools may have an entire team focused on enrollment or marketing, many institutions lack the resources to staff a multi-personnel enrollment, marketing, or admissions office. So, if your team consists of one person (maybe that person is you!),…
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