Proactive vs. reactive

In the extremely fast-paced education environment we work in, being reactive is not even an option. By identifying and resolving issues before they become a full-blown problem, we’re better, more proactive partners to the people and institutions we work with. We take the same approach to technology – anticipating the future of K-12 education solutions, so we can confidently provide the latest technology and services to schools.

Research drives proactivity

FACTS is constantly diving into new research that showcases education trends. This allows us to act proactively – get ahead while we can and avoid obstacles down the road. We not only look at trends in the wider K-12 industry, but also rely heavily on research conducted on our own school and family customers. We survey customers often, asking for their insights on the challenges, fears, and risks they are facing that we can help solve.

Driven to help institutions succeed

Providing data-based solutions for our partners reflects the driven behavior of our associates. We aren’t giving our partners cookie-cutter products, but instead a well-researched solution. We put ourselves in our partner’s shoes so we can build solutions that best fit their unique needs. Compelled to help in any way needed, we want to make paying for education easier for families.

For us, creating ways for families to afford and experience education isn’t just a mission statement we share throughout the organization. Everything from creating payment plan marketing toolkits for institutions, to providing online learning options and teacher professional development – we are prepared and willing to help no matter what.

Positive energy, active engagement

Being proactive takes a lot of energy – you’re going above and beyond to prepare for the future. Positive energy and active engagement is what our associates bring to the table every day. We’re eager to have a big impact on our partner schools, helping them continually improve throughout the years.

It is always a good reminder to appreciate the small things in life (like a fresh cup of joe). We all have tough days – but when we’re able to find the good in bad times, we’re more enthusiastic and successful. Enjoy our work. Have a positive attitude. Create a work-life balance that actually works.

To stay prepared, our associates keep up on routine trainings, dive into the latest research, volunteer in our communities, and most importantly – make time to listen to our customers. It’s why FACTS customer service is tagged as “best-in-class.”