Only Work With Those You Trust

In any partnership, trust is important. When you’re processing payments on a larger scale? It’s critical.

Dependable Partnership

We’re all familiar with the saying – trust is the hardest thing to build and the easiest thing to lose. Our partners can rely on us to be honest and straightforward during every encounter. Not only are our associates dependable, but the services we provide to schools are credible as well – supported by the $9 billion in secure and successful payments processed each year, as well as the three million students and families we serve.

A “trust fall” is often used to measure the amount of trust two individuals share. We’re constantly there to catch our partners when they need efficient, education solutions for their staff and students.

Honest Communication

Being honest and realistic, even when it comes down to saying things that partners may not want to hear, is how we tackle communication. We aren’t here to hide the ugly and only show the pretty – that doesn’t benefit anyone (least of all the school). Communicating effectively allows for more realistic, honest partnerships — it allows trust to grow.

Integrity is continuously kept high while putting in a hard-working effort to solve a partner’s inquiry. When we are straightforward, schools can use the information we give them to steer clear of roadblocks, improve retention rates, and support their students.

Taking Ownership

A big part of being trustworthy is being able to take ownership of everything we’re providing to our partners – whether that’s a product or simply a conversation with an associate. Making sure our words and actions are complementary of each other time and time again initiates trust between us and our partners.

Owning successes and mistakes leads to personal and professional growth. This growth works its way into many aspects of life, having a positive impact wherever it’s applied.

A Personal Touch

When you work with FACTS, you’re collaborating with humans, not just another company. Each associate adds their own personal touch – which helps build trust. Spending 20 minutes on hold only to be greeted by a recorded voice on a machine isn’t a good experience for anyone. At FACTS, our customers are greeted with a genuine, empathetic person – prepared and eager to answer any questions.

When partnering with us, you aren’t a number. We reach out just to see how things are going, with no business motive in mind. We’ll sincerely take an interest in who you are. Your hobbies, your family, your life – all are important to us. We want to develop deep connections with our partners, not just because it makes the business side of the relationship run more smoothly. It’s simply the right thing to do.