Watch our on-demand webinar as part of the FACTS Education Solutions Online Instruction series featuring Dr. Patrick Haggarty, president of FACTS Education Solutions.

On Thursday, April 29, the US Department of Education released its guidance on the CARES Act funding for all State Education Agencies, Local Education Agencies, and private schools, This webinar, “Ensuring Your School Receives Its Equitable Share of CARES Act Funding,” will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the guidance document and answer questions on how all private schools can participate in the 2020 stimulus funding.

Dr. Patrick Haggarty’s education career began as a classroom teacher. His professional experience includes teaching K-8, high school, and graduate school students. While refining his teaching skill set, he continued to pursue advanced education, earning both his masters and doctoral degrees.

Prior to becoming the president of FACTS Education Solutions, Dr. Haggarty was a high school principal, a K-12 school system president, and superintendent of the Catholic Dioceses of Montana, followed by superintendent of the Archdiocese of Seattle, where he provided guidance to 74 schools and represented 22,000 students throughout western Washington.

Dr. Haggarty is a firm believer in the importance of a values-based education for children and families, as well as building relationships to broaden the circle of influence for private school success.