What your Students Need Most During Distance Learning

This webinar will address the most important thing your students need right now, which is helping your students develop resilience by maintaining connection and community.

Using Accommodations and Modifications in Online Learning K-12

Discover best practices and resources for K-12 online accommodations, how to use accommodations using online tools and platforms, strategies for meeting the needs of all learners, and guidance for at-home support to ensure the success of students with learning disabilities.

The Importance of Community in Remote Learning

Learn simple ways to encourage community building in your school while the students learn remotely, including how to structure group work, SEL check-ins, and other activities that help everyone to stay connected.

The Flipped Online Classroom: Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Learn best practices and resources for the K-12 flipped classroom, how teachers can flip their classroom using online tools and platforms, and strategies for meeting the needs of all learners. 

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act: Provisions That Apply to Private and Faith-based Schools

Dr. Patrick Haggarty, President of FACTS Education Solutions, will share current information and insight into the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for nonprofit organization.

Tech Tips, Part 3: Assessment and Collaboration with Digital Tools

Learn about the “value add” of using digital tools for assessment and collaboration with students.

Tech Tips, Part 2: Creation Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Learn strategies for supporting students as creators and how to design learning activities for movie making, ebook design, website building, podcasting, and more.

Tech Tips, Part 1: Curating Resources for Students

Learn about free and low-cost resources for student consumers that connect to reading, viewing, and listening experiences students have online.

Teaching Virtually: Best Practices and Strategies for Working with Early Learners

Explore ways to engage children and families in online and off-line learning experiences designed to incorporate academics into playful activities and help families feel confident and competent in supporting their children’s learning. 

Teaching Social-Emotional Learning in a Wireless World K-12

This interactive webinar will discuss practical and effective strategies to teach SEL in a virtual way that not only helps out students for long term success, but also helps them with the social and emotional skills to navigate this COVID-19 reality.

Strategies for Essential Relationship Development During Our Virtual Learning Reality

Schools all over the US have spent time and attention on relationships in schools, but how do we make that work in a virtual learning platform.

School Leaders: Critical eLearning Considerations Regarding Data Privacy and Accessible Materials

Discuss critical considerations related to eLearning including student data privacy and the accessibility of instructional materials.