Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites: 20 Techniques to Detour Around the Danger Zones

More often than not, the louder teachers get when reprimanding students, the louder the students become. Learn ways to proactively manage a brain-compatible classroom without raising voices.

School Culture for Deeper Learning: How the Right Learning Conditions Can Improve the Performance of Students and Teachers Alike

This session isn’t just about building a positive school culture – it’s about developing strategic, actionable practices that align with what we know about the science of learning to increase learning capacity.

Rigor: The Power of Cognitive Engagement

These three factors come together in the student work or task. Knowing this, how do teachers plan tasks that maximize learning, and what are the components of a powerful task? This workshop addresses what rigor looks like.

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning (PBL) provides an educational environment that creates meaningful contexts to apply both academic and success skills that embrace the application of caring about – and for – the greater good.

Now That’s a Good Question! How to Promote Cognitive Rigor Through Classroom Questioning

Explore how one of the most fundamental instructional strategies – questioning – can provide the proper scaffolding to deepen student thinking, understanding, and application of knowledge.

My Blended Learning Journey: Weaving Together Technology and Tradition

In this session, educators explore how technology can be used to empower both teachers and students in an increasingly digital world.

Leading the Mapping Process: Strategies and Tools to Get Started

Whether just getting started or well into the process, this session highlights the critical components leaders and leadership teams need to target and ensure successful implementation.

Journey to the Land of Oz: Teaching Thinking With Heart and Soul

This course was developed for teachers who see test scores whip in like a tornado—leaving them feeling as if they’ve been suddenly transported to a brand new world; this world is definitely not a place they want to call home.

From Art to Science: Best Practices From the Old School and the New School

This seminar for teachers and instructional leaders looks at trends in education as the field moves from an art to a science. Participants will learn that best practices represent a blend of the art of teaching and the science of learning.

Engaging Students with Purposeful, Flexible Grouping

Learn powerful research demonstrating how effective flexible, purposeful grouping can be. Participants are flexibly grouped over five different ways throughout the workshop.

Differentiated Instruction

Providing students with effective, engaging, and varied teaching materials and approaches is key in making sure each student is actively engaged, regardless of their individual learning styles.

Differentiated Classrooms: Building Success Daily

The session places teachers in the students’ shoes so they can experience how important differentiation is for success. Teachers will also explore and learn the most important ways to differentiate content, process, and product based on students’ readiness, learning profiles, and learning preferences.