Mobile Devices in the Math Classroom

Attendees will learn to implement mobile devices in the math classroom to maximize its potential, including apps and sample lesson plans from an algebra class.

Mobile Devices in the English and Social Science Classroom

While the focus of this session is the English classroom, cross-curricular aspects can be utilized for other languages or social studies classrooms. This session highlights interactive apps, study tools, and creative learning.

Mobile Devices in the Classroom: Greatest Hits

This session provides an overview of how 1:1 programs have transformed teaching and learning in schools. Explore top-rated apps used in education to support instruction in academic content areas, data and assessment, reporting, and management.

Mobile Devices for Learning? Flexible, Personalized, and Authentic

With the mobile device, learners can perform research, collaborate, interact with experts, and produce creative works. This session examines unique features of the mobile device that support student learning, plus apps and activities that encourage mobile learning.

Math Instruction Enhanced with Digital Tools and Resources

Learn best practices for classroom use, work with apps and sample lesson plans, then explore how to select the most effective apps for at-risk learners. Attendees will also discover ways to incorporate mobile devices into teaching, learning, and assessment processes.

Learn Like a Kid – 24/7 Learning with Mobile Devices

This interactive session explores ways students use mobile devices to make learning a 24/7 experience. With mobile devices, learners can practice skills, perform research, collaborate, and produce creative works. This session is a rich source of ideas, resources, and information about learning in a connected world.

iTeach 101 – Mobile Device Bootcamp

By offering an intensive training model, participants leave with the knowledge and resources necessary to be mobile device professional development leaders in their own schools or districts.

Instant Feedback – The Advantage of the Paperless Classroom

In this session, take a deep dive into the paperless classroom and learn how it can be achieved on the mobile device through one simple-to-use app.

Infusing Technology with High School Social Science Courses

Learn to use technology to engage and transform learning environments. Attendees will also learn hands-on with others to develop technology-integrated, project-based learning units.

Google Glass: The Virtual Future

Augmented reality and wearable computers are hitting the market. From smart watches to Google Glass, the next frontier in technology is here. Learn firsthand experience, thoughts, and expertise on how these technologies may be put to their best use.

Finding the Time: How to Integrate Classroom Technology Skills and Still Have a Life

This session examines attitudes and approaches to developing necessary classroom technology skills without losing one’s balance, patience, or mind.

Failure is my Superpower: Learning, Growing, and Communicating Through Mistakes, Misdirection, and Dead Ends on the Digital Highway

This workshop provides the tools for a successful failure: evaluating when to change directions, taking appropriate lessons for moving forward, and communicating with staff, parents, and students in ways that maintain credibility.