What is Project-Based Inquiry Learning?

Develop skills in using problem-based inquiry learning (PBIL) to enhance conceptual understanding, critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem solving.

The “M” in STEAM = Math

Enhance the instruction and integration of math to cross-curricular academic subjects in order to increase proficiency in math and the application of problem solving skills to everyday situations.

Technology to Support STEAM

This hands-on session provides the background to successfully incorporate new levels of technology integration into the classroom.

STEM Challenges with Sphero

After completing CORE lessons, students are equipped for STEM challenges. These multi-day experiments encourage creative problem-solving and teamwork. Students concept, engineer, and build contraptions powered by Sphero.

Sphero Core Lessons

From polygons to percentages, CORE lessons explore the principals of math and science through programming. SPRK begins with MacroLab, a visual programming app.

After completing five MacroLab lessons, students are ready for advanced lessons in OrbBasic, a powerful app for text-based programming.

Shocking News! Electronics Made Easy With iCircuit and Mr. Circuit

Attendees work hands-on with a traditional, inexpensive breadboard electronics lab kit. Mr. Circuit is supplemented with iCircuit, a virtual circuit design app.

Rokenbok – Engineering and Design

Academic researchers and child development experts have known for many years that basic literacies and an affinity for STEAM learning can be gained through dynamic construction, such as Rokenbok.

Robotics With Sphero

This hands-on workshop exposes teachers to inquiry-based activities they can take back to their classroom. Learn how to help students design, build, program, and document robots using STEM/writing skills.

Robotics – Introduction to Robotics Through the Mobile Device

Work hands-on with various mobile device apps designed to help teach the concepts and fundamental functions of robotics in the integration of science concepts. Participants receive all of the apps presented, curriculum resources, and lesson plans.

Program it!

Get started with basic programming for K-8 students by using mobile devices to program apps and robots, such as Ozobot and Sphero. Participants rotate through a variety of hands-on stations to discover how programming can be integrated into their STEM curriculum.

Ozobot/bit + Science Technology Robotics Engineering Arts and Math

This hands-on workshop provides teachers first-hand experience on programming a robot, Ozobot, and/or Bit. Lessons are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and national math standards.

Innovative Teaching with Mobile Devices

This workshop takes teachers out of the classroom and into an immersive experience that promotes cross-disciplinary skills to accomplish a project relevant to their subject area. It also helps them gain new, innovative ways to incorporate mobile devices into instruction.