Watch our on-demand webinar as part of the FACTS Education Solutions Online Instruction series featuring Christine Fox, M.S., president of FoxEdu.

This presentation, “School Leaders: Critical eLearning Considerations Regarding Data Privacy and Accessible Materials,” will highlight critical considerations related to eLearning including student data privacy and the accessibility of instructional materials.

Educational leaders should not only be aware of federal and state student data privacy laws, but also how to implement them. In addition, ensuring that all learners receive accessible educational materials (AEM) and learning opportunities in a timely manner is not only part of federal and state requirements, but essential for quality teaching practices to support all learners. Accessible presentations, videos and documents often better support all users, even those without identified disabilities.

Christine Fox has more than 20 years of experience in education leadership as a professional learning provider, researcher, writer, and curriculum coach. She personalizes professional learning services for independent, parochial, and private schools as president and CEO of FoxEdu. In addition, she coordinates professional learning opportunities, including planning and implementing the content for virtual meetings, national webinars, and two annual conferences for the membership organization, SETDA. She also leads in the development and provides daylong workshops and short breakout sessions for administrators and teachers. In addition, she manages SETDA’s research and product development projects from conception to publication. Christine is a former curriculum coach, classroom teacher, and ESL coordinator. She has her Masters in TESOL from Florida International University.