Tier III Intervention: Intensive Instruction

Students in the Tier III Intervention program receive more intense and more frequent instruction. The program is delivered outside the classroom through pull-out, smaller groups, or one-on-one time with a FACTS Ed Title I Instructor. This FACTS Ed teacher and…
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Tier II Intervention: Small Group Targeted Instruction

Through collaboration with the Title I instructor and classroom teacher, students in Tier II Intervention convene in small groups to receive targeted instruction. The group teaching may occur through a push-in and/or pull-out method or through an after school program….
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Tier I Intervention: Classroom Instruction

In Tier I Intervention, all students receive high-quality instruction in a regular classroom setting. At this level, an academic baseline is established and student growth is routinely monitored through ongoing assessments. Students who do not demonstrate expected progress will receive…
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