Four years ago, FACTS and RenWeb united to provide the best experience possible for schools and families. Since then, we’ve worked methodically toward combining our services in impactful ways, like offering the industry’s first streamlined connection between a school’s financial management solution and the system of record (student information system).

But we wanted to go further. On October 15, 2018, FACTS and RenWeb announced the rebrand to a single company: FACTS. The rebrand initiative was undertaken thoughtfully, with a consistent focus on mission and vision. With the rebrand announcement came a new visual identity and logo for FACTS that helps affirm our brand values as mission-driven, reliable, and friendly.

“Elevating the education experience is more than a tagline,” said Jodi Spethman, director of marketing for FACTS. “The FACTS rebrand was inspired by our team members and the schools we serve, and we wanted our passion and commitment to be echoed in our strategic focus as a single brand.”

As a single company, FACTS’ core offerings and benefits are defined as school administration, financial management, enrollment and communications, advancement, and professional development solutions.

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