FACTS SIS Training Outlines

Training outlines provide a helpful step-by step approach to features of the FACTS SIS system, like the Attendance Overview.

Attendance Setup

Attendance: it’s kind of a big deal.


Attendance in FACTS SIS   

Did you know, that a school with:

Students     200

Periods per day     7

School days per year     180

# of attendance codes     4

Potential attendance errors per year?



We know it’s important to gather and keep real-time, accurate attendance information. That’s why we have great tools to improve your record-keeping and reporting.

FACTS SIS allows schools to collect classroom attendance data using either a homeroom or period method, and automatically calculates a day attendance mark based on variables that you define. Schools have the ability to use existing attendance codes and also to add custom codes to fit their specific needs. Check this link to learn more about Attendance Configuration for Administrators and this video to learn more about Classroom Attendance for Teachers.


Example of FACTS SIS Attendance setup.


FACTS SIS classroom attendance for teachers.


Advanced features such as attendance by group, convert tardies to absence, classroom attendance using a seating chart, staff attendance, and automatic attendance notifications make your attendance tasks more efficient and effective. A wide variety of attendance reports are available to help you track and analyze attendance data.