A family has an automatic payment plan through FACTS, but circumstances change and they need to receive monthly invoices instead.


The institution can create an invoice plan and terminate the automatic plan without waiting for the family to take action.

Things to Consider Prior to Changing the Payment Plan Agreement:

  1. A new invoice plan may be subject to a FACTS enrollment fee.
  2. The Peace of Mind benefit is not available for manually created invoice agreements.
  3. Payment plans set up on invoice have a higher delinquency rate than automatic payment plans.
  4. The family will receive a confirmation notice after you’ve submitted the invoice agreement (unless you deselect that option).
  5. Incidental Billing is separate from the payment plan and can have autopay turned on or off by the school, but invoice tuition payment plans cannot have automatic drafts turned on by the school.
  6. If a parent changes their mind and wants to change back to automatic payments, they can log into FACTS and change from invoice to autopay by selecting the Actions button.

How to Switch the Plan from ACH to Invoice:

  1. If the ACH plan is still pending, you will need to delete it. Then navigate to your Roster, select the Customer, and click Create Invoice Agreement on the right side of the screen. Follow the steps on each page.
  2. If the ACH plan was already finalized, you will need to go to Service Agreement > Correction. Correct the remaining charges to bring the balance to zero. Then, go to Change Agreement Status and change the plan status to Terminated. Navigate back to the Customer Profile and go to Create Invoice Agreement on the right side of the screen. During this process, you will add back charges you previously corrected off the ACH plan.

To see more in-depth instructions, visit this HubHelp article, and feel free to contact FACTS with any questions!