Federal funding can be difficult to understand. That’s why FACTS Education Solutions exists – to help you access funds available to improve teaching and learning at your school. If you have further questions after reading the details below, please get in touch with your FACTS Ed Regional Vice President.

The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA) signed into law by President Trump on December 27, 2020 authorizes $81.88 billion in support for education. This is in addition to the $30.75 billion previously provided to schools under the CARES Act.

CRRSA includes more than $4 billion for Private Nonprofit Schools (PNPs) that is available to governors through the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund. There are two components of GEER:

  • Supplemental GEER awards (GEER II) – $1.3 billion
  • Emergency Assistance to Non-public Schools (EANS) awards – $2.75 billion.

EANS provides $2.75 billion in funding for services and assistance to non-public schools to address educational disruptions caused by COVID. These funds support activities related to safely reopening schools, continuing instruction, and addressing learning loss, including the following:

  • Cleaning educational facilities
  • Obtaining personal protective equipment
  • Improving ventilation systems
  • Training and professional development to help educators implement new safety practices
  • Physical barriers to facilitate social distancing
  • Coronavirus testing and contact tracing
  • Educational technology
  • Redeveloping instructional plans
  • Leasing additional space to ensure safe social distancing
  • Transportation costs
  • Support for remote and hybrid learning
  • Remediating learning loss
  • Reimbursement for many coronavirus-related costs

EANS funds will be awarded to each governor on the basis of their state’s share of low-income (185% below poverty) school-age children who are enrolled in non-public schools. Governors will need to submit an EANS application to gain access to these funds. FACTS Ed strongly encourages schools to contact their governor’s office and urge them to apply for these funds as soon as possible.

GEER II provides an additional $1.3 billion for PNPs to access. This program largely parallels the CARES Act GEER Fund where monies are made available to each state governor based on the formula: 60% of funding is allocated based on a state’s population aged 5-24 and 40% based on the proportion of children whose families fall below the poverty line. These funds are to be used at the governor’s discretion for K12 education.

Finally, within CRRSA is the Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Venues Act. This Act provides nonpublic schools the opportunity of receiving funds through the Paycheck Protection Program 2.0 Loan (PPPII). The PPPII authorizes up to $284 billion toward job retention and certain other expenses through March 31, 2021.

Key PPP updates include:

  • PPP borrowers can set their PPP loan’s covered period to be any length between 8 and 24 weeks to best meet their business needs;
  • PPP loans will cover additional expenses, including operations expenditures, property damage costs, supplier costs, and worker protection expenditures;
  • The PPP provides greater flexibility for seasonal employees;
  • Certain existing PPP borrowers can request to modify their First Draw PPP Loan amount; and
  • Certain existing PPP borrowers are now eligible to apply for a Second Draw PPP Loan.
  • A borrower is generally eligible for a Second Draw PPP Loan if the borrower:
  • Previously received a First Draw PPP Loan and will or has used the full amount only for authorized uses;
  • Has no more than 300 employees; and
  • Can demonstrate at least a 25% reduction in gross receipts between comparable quarters in 2019 and 2020


  • PNPs will not be allowed to accept aid for both GEER and PPP II. They will have to choose one or the other.
  • PNPs that received a PPP I loan (prior to December 27, 2020) will still be eligible for PPP II. 

 Reach out to your FACTS Education Solutions RVP with any questions about federal funding.