A Reflection on How Our Partner Schools Impacted FACTS Throughout 2017.

’Tis the season for reflecting, and on behalf of the FACTS team, I can tell you that we have plenty to reminisce about. But before I dive into all that has evolved over the course of the last 12 months, I would like to take a moment to share our appreciation for our partners. We fully understand that your school has options when it comes to all-things school management, and we’re incredibly grateful that you not only choose to work with us, but you also share your experiences so that we can continue to improve our products and services.

Combining our mission with your partnership, FACTS has accomplished many things in 2017. Here’s a brief recap:

Best-In-Class Customer Experience

We continue to focus on providing a Best-In-Class customer experience every time we engage with a client. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every single time, and we use these simple traits to uphold our promise to your school:

  • Be proactive
  • Manage every impression
  • Trust
  • Assuming full ownership of the customer experience
  • Be agile
  • Ask the extra question
  • Do what is not expected
  • Be easy to do business with

Aligning Support Across Products

We know how important providing consistent high quality customer service is and we are constantly striving to improve. By more closely aligning our customer support across all of our K-12 services, we believe we will be better equipped to meet the needs and requests of our clients. We are in the process of hiring and training over 20 account manager team members to provide additional support to SIS clients.

Connecting You to the Right Person

During 2017 we enhanced our phone system, implementing Auto Number Identification (ANI) routing to more accurately direct callers to the right person the first time. We have also implemented Courtesy Call Back (CCB) functionality to allow callers to leave a number and have a representative automatically call them back.

Sharing Experiences in an Open Forum

We have hosted several successful regional client User Groups, which have been a great forum for our clients to learn, ask questions, and network with their peers and our associates. The meetings have taken place across the country, including New Orleans, Chicago, Omaha, Baltimore, and Cleveland.

Learning Together to Support Success

We held our largest-ever FACTS Power Conference in July 2017 in Dallas, TX. Over 1,000 educators and administrators attended to receive product training and hear sessions on topics such as marketing, administration, classroom management, technology, and more. We look forward to seeing our school partners at the 2018 Power Conference in New Orleans.

This is a small sampling of all that’s happened in 2017, but we hope it gives you a sense of our commitment to working alongside our partners so that everyone’s experience with our products, including your parents and staff, can be the most positive. We really are passionate about helping schools succeed, and look forward to the innovation and teamwork that 2018 holds.

Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!

Mark Schilmoeller, Chief Operations Officer