I believe in the power of education because it changed the trajectory of my life.

My dad grew up in a poor family where higher education hadn’t been a priority. But my grandmother made sure that he and my uncles attended a private, faith-based K-12 school through grants, financial aid, and tuition management programs. This K-12 education provided them the foundation for working toward and achieving post graduate degrees in law, medicine, and education.

My father’s commitment to become a physician was formed by my grandmother’s dream of a better life for him and his brothers. It was accelerated by private K-12 schooling and then cemented by his hard work there and into his post-secondary education. In one generation, we went from having no one in our family holding a degree to all of my siblings and I graduating from a university — with some of us completing our master’s degrees. My grandmother’s expectation transformed everything.

Research shows increased education is linked to greater opportunities to provide for ones’ family, improvements in health, and more civic engagement.* Education has a profound impact on people’s lives.

At FACTS, we get to provide that conduit for families. Our mission is, “Making educational dreams possible through service and technology.” That purpose drives everything we do, including our best-in-class customer service and creating products for schools.

In addition to tuition management services, financial aid assessment, and student information management, we’re expanding. Our FACTS Education Solutions team empowers private schools to utilize federal funding to help struggling students, and gives teachers access to cutting-edge professional development. Our newest product, FACTS Giving, provides a nimble fundraising tool for advancement staff. We will continue to partner with schools to create innovative solutions.

To compete in today’s market, you have to work hard and be adaptable. As an organization we’re constantly challenging ourselves to be better for the customer. However, what really sets FACTS apart is how we treat our customers — with respect and transparent communication, even in the hard times.

Little did I know that I would be working for a company that has a mission aligned with my dad’s pursuit of bettering his life. I’m honored to have this opportunity to lead our FACTS team as president.

The values that schools cherish — community, family, and a passion for excellence — are similar to the reasons I feel so strongly about FACTS. I joined our parent company, Nelnet, in 1998, and have led FACTS’ national sales team for the past seven years. I’ve worked for FACTS and the Nelnet family of companies for more than 32 years because I’m exceptionally proud to work for an organization that holds integrity as central to its operating practices — in our interactions with our associates, clients, and communities. Private K-12 schools hold their communities close, nurture their students’ growth, and want to see them reach their full potential, and that is exactly FACTS’ mission in partnership to the schools that we serve.

My father often told me, “Education is the one thing no one can take away from you. It’ll change your life.”

And it has.

I am so proud to work in education. We are grateful to partner with the hundreds of thousands of educators that work so hard each and every day to put a smile on a child’s face, to teach a math lesson, and to keep the school running smoothly. Thank you for letting us continue to help make educational dreams possible.