FACTS serves tens of thousands of private and faith-based schools – all of whom have been negatively affected by COVID-19. On behalf of the FACTS family, we’d like to reiterate our commitment to our schools and let you know that behind the scenes, we are diligently working to build valuable programs to relieve the stress that this quickly changing scholastic environment mandates.   

We recognize that school administrators are addressing a myriad of issues, including the challenge of maintaining the school’s tuition income, as well as enhancing the school’s communication protocols.  With this in mind, we hosted a tuition and communication webinar for which more than 3,000 of our schools registered to attend. Additionally, we know that most school leaders are doing the best they can to continue student instruction through the internet/virtual classrooms. We understand the academic challenges that come with teaching online through a variety of platforms can be overwhelming — not only for school leadership — but also for classroom teachers, who could use a little coaching or encouragement with online instruction. This includes teachers who provide supplementary instruction for Title I or IDEA classrooms. We are very cognizant that our schools enroll countless students who are negatively affected by this outbreak and may have social and/or emotional needs that must be addressed. And we are empathetic to parents who are now being asked to be a teacher or teacher’s aide in support of hosting school at home.    

As I type, I am reminded of Mother Theresa’s unforgettable words: “I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.”   

At FACTS, our FACTS Education Solutions team is gearing up to host a series of webinars on a variety of topics, to address the new academic environment thrust upon our schools. We are preparing online professional development sessions to help principals, teachers, and parents successfully encounter school outside of the classroom. However, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that there are hundreds of teachers and administrators working in the schools we serve, whose expertise to address these critical times would be welcomed and sincerely appreciated. We would like to honor Mother Theresa’s philosophy that “Together, we can do great things.”   

We are seeking excellent educators to join our team of experts on the following topics:   

  • Effective teaching online – virtually, or with video technology 
  • Addressing the social / emotional needs of students and/or teachers  
  • Ensuring instructional excellence through remote technologies  
  • Transitioning the traditional classroom to online learning 
  • Ensuring the continuation of supplemental academic services (Title I / IDEA) 
  • Teaching parents to be teachers when the school classroom moves home 

Do you work in a school alongside a fantastic teacher or administrator who is gifted in one of these topics (or another applicable subject matter)?  If so, would you please send a recommendation or resume to our FACTS Ed Manager of Professional Development via email at [email protected]?  During this COVID-19 break, we would be honored to work with the best educators among our schools, so that they are able share their gifts and talents with the larger FACTS community of schools.  

Let us do great things — together.