Parents are advocates for their child’s K-12 private school. They believe in your school’s teachers, values, and quality of education. So how can you help them promote your school to other families? There are four easy things they can do to confidently promote the school and help increase enrollment. Share these four tips with your school’s families and watch enrollment numbers rise.

Post on social

Headed to a social event on campus, your child’s team just win a game, or are you volunteering in your child’s classroom for a holiday party? Snap a photo of your child, your family, or you with the teachers and post to social media.

Reminder: You never know every families’ online preference or privacy concerns. Don’t post photos that include other people’s children without the parents’ permission.

Try to post at least a few times a month on your news feed to promote things like athletic and extracurricular events to get others in your network excited about your child’s school and possibly inquire about enrollment.

Join the PTO

Being a part of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at your child’s school can be one of the best ways to promote the school without even trying! Your dedication alone proves that.

Joining the PTO allows you to talk to local PTO members about your school’s quality education and collaborate with others who are passionate about growing their schools as well.

Invite others to school events

Show off your school’s fun factor to everyone in your address book. When there are special community events or school fundraisers, send out emails inviting friends, students, and local community members.

This helps you show other families how great your school is and engages your local community!

Community outreach

As a parent volunteer, you can help coordinate a community charity event with your school (Habitat for Humanity is a good example). By engaging the community, you introduce prospect families to the school’s values and its caring teachers, staff, and fellow students.