Occasionally plans change and you’ll need to remove an agreement from your pending list or remove families from your roster in the FACTS Tuition Management system. Here’s your guide on how to do it!

Deleting pending agreements has two purposes:

  1. It cleans up your agreement list, so it’s easier to determine what’s left to complete.
  2. It removes the pending agreement from the customer’s FACTS account.

Note: If you delete an agreement in error, you can move it back to pending using the same steps. You will need to add back transactions.


Go to Payment Activity > Pending. From the Pending Agreements Dashboard, select Agreement List.

Changing Pending Agreement Status:

  1. Select Yes next to Change Status.
  2. Select Deleted from the Select New Status drop down menu.
  3. Check the box to the left of the agreement(s) you want to delete.
  4. Click Change Selected Status – you will see a warning message to verify the change, and click Yes.

Inactivating the Customer Record:

If you are certain that the customer will not be using any services with FACTS for the term, you should also inactivate their customer record. The main goal in taking this action is to prevent that customer record from rolling forward to the next term during reenrollment.

  1. Navigate to the Roster.
  2. Select “Status” in the Fields to Edit menu.
  3. Click View List to refresh the screen.
  4. Select Inactive from the Status menu next to each customer you wish to inactivate.
  5. Click Update to save the change(s).

In Summary

  • Inactivating the student prevents you from adding transactions to their record in error on the billing administration page (or the mass entry screen for prepay accounts) when sending incidental bills. You will still be able to manually add transactions from the customer profile page.
  • Inactivating the student or customer prevents their information from rolling forward to the new school year if you utilize electronic reenrollment.
  • Inactivating the customer or student does not stop payments from processing. You must change the agreement status to stop future payments.