With all that’s going on in the world, it’s no surprise if report cards have fallen off your to-do list. To help you stay on track, here are a few tips for reporting and scheduling.

Report Cards

There are a few steps involved in finalizing report cards.

  1. Recalculate the grade book grades.
  2. Load the grades to the report card.
  3. Run day attendance.
  4. Print the report cards and proof them to ensure that the information and formatting is accurate. 

Common Problems

Answers to all of these common questions and more are found in Report Card Troubleshooting:

  • My grades aren’t showing in the report card.
  • My grades are showing up red.
  • My report card grades don’t match my grade book grades.
  • My average shows a “0” even after I’ve added in grades.
  • A student does not have their attendance showing on the report card, or the attendance is incorrect.


Remember to test print report cards 1-2 weeks before you need them, so you can ensure your templates are working and that the formatting is still accurate.

Scheduling Basics


  • Configuring the upcoming school year. More often than not, the new school year has already been created, however there might only be a single term. All of the terms need to be configured correctly before doing anything in scheduling. This is the very first step.
  • Blocking school years. We get a lot of questions about being able to block staff members, parents, and students from seeing any schedules before the school is ready. We now have the ability to block school years by year and term.
  • Copying the schedule. This link provides a great video in an article on how to copy the schedule. The table below is also found along with step-by-step instructions.A table on how to copy info from one year to the next.


Scheduling can be a little overwhelming when first getting back into it. This Scheduling Overview provides a helpful scheduling flowchart. It gives four possible scenarios and walks you through the process to help you create the best schedule for your school.


Scheduling overview flow chart

Training spotlight

As always, training outlines are available here to provide a step-by-step guide. While we’re focusing on report cards and scheduling in this article, this may be a good month to review the links under Report Card, Transcripts, Progress Reports, and Class Rank and Honor Roll.

Hopefully these tips will help as we move forward with the school year. As always, we’re here to help your school with any issues.