Kickstart your professional development this summer and be prepared for the new normal the fall semester brings. FACTS’ 2020 summer webinar series equips you with the knowledge and tools to market your school effectively, even in unprecedented economic conditions.

The series helps you uncover new strategies for bringing in more families and keeping your current families happy.

Here are examples of webinars that already happened (but don’t worry – you can still watch them on demand).

What is an Enrollment Growth Plan?

Scott and Tammy Baron present the webinar "What is an Enrollment Growth Plan".

There’s no way around it: enrollment is mission-critical for your school. Scott Barron, M.Ed, and Tammy Barron of School Growth walk through their outline for developing an effective Enrollment Growth Plan. Though there’s no easy formula for growing your school in the midst of a pandemic, this webinar helps you:

  • Identify factors within your school’s control and set actionable priorities.
  • Define your school’s path to achieving core revenue goals.
  • Build trust and confidence among the administration and the board.
  • Understand how to grow the revenue necessary to deliver on your school’s mission and vision.

Tune in at your convenience to hear this comprehensive guide for getting your school on track to revenue growth.

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Using FACTS’ New Inquiry Experience to Nurture Leads

Courtney Haindel presents the webinar Using FACTS' New Inquiry Experience to Nurture Leads

Convert inquiries into enrolled families by perfecting your school’s inquiry process. Not sure what that looks like for your school? No problem. FACTS SIS lays out the options for you.  In this webinar, FACTS SIS product manager Courtney Haindel unpacks the updated tools at your disposal through FACTS’ new inquiry experience. Learn about setting up checklists, using our new task management features, creating email templates to streamline communication, using the new advanced filter, and more — all to safeguard your school’s sustainability.

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Join the Rest of Our Series

This is only the beginning. Achieve school growth and professional development all summer long by tuning into future webinars each Wednesday at 12 p.m. (Central). Our speakers cover topics including:

  • Strategic enrollment management
  • Millennial marketing strategies
  • Enrollment data analysis
  • Website development
  • Retention strategies
  • Parent word-of-mouth marketing

Leverage this summer to build confidence and readiness for whatever fall brings.

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