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WEBINAR: Campus Closure Checklist for FACTS SIS

Watch our on-demand webinar, “Campus Closure Checklist for FACTS SIS and Business Operations Preparations,” webinar presented by Courtney Haindel, product manager for FACTS SIS, and Angela Nielsen, product manager for FACTS Tuition Management, to learn about communications, configuring classes for…
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February SIS Updates

This time of year we receive many questions about the new student onboarding process, snow and school cancellation days, and the use of weights and credits on transcripts and report cards. Included below are tips, news, FACTS SIS Help links,…
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Get the eBook: 7 Steps to Better Enrollment and Retention

Download our ebook to learn seven steps to improve the application and enrollment process for incoming and returning students.

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Removing Pending Agreements

Occasionally plans change and you’ll need to remove an agreement from your pending list or remove families from your roster in the FACTS Tuition Management system. Here’s your guide on how to do it! Deleting pending agreements has two purposes:…
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Moving Students From FACTS Application to Enrollment

We often receive calls about moving students from the FACTS Application to Enrollment stage. This outline provides a step-by-step guide to moving students, and also shows the additional steps necessary if you use FACTS Incidental Billing instead of Student Billing….
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Life Hack: When the Enrollment/Marketing Team is Just You

While some schools may have an entire team focused on enrollment or marketing, many institutions lack the resources to staff a multi-personnel enrollment, marketing, or admissions office. So, if your team consists of one person (maybe that person is you!),…
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