Want to engage your students in new and exciting ways? Try creating or using lesson plans that center around movies or TV shows!

The following are some great films/TV shows for you to show in your classroom, with links to accompanying lesson plans.

  1. Inside Out is a critically-acclaimed animated movie about helping children understand and process their feelings.
  2. Finding Nemo is another animated film about a young fish (Nemo) who is captured in the Great Barrier Reef. These lesson plans focus on the scientific aspects of the movie.
  3. Food Inc. is an informative documentary that helps inform viewers about where their food actually comes from. This could be great for a health or environmental science class.
  4. TeachWithMovies.org: Do you want other ideas? This website is an excellent resource for teaching dozens of subjects with movie content. From English to Science, there’s something for every classroom.
  5. Netflix: Do you have a Netflix account? The site Raising Lifelong Learners lists their favorite Netflix shows that are adapted from books.
  6. Pixar Animation and Math: Khan Academy has an awesome math-based curriculum explaining how math factors into much of Pixar’s animation, including the grass in the movie Brave and the swarms of robots in WALL-E.
  7. Elf: Use the beloved Christmas classic to help students in speech therapy! Click here for the full post from The Dabbling Speechie.
  8. The Hunger Games: The New York Times’ Learning Network blog features a lesson plan that ties the study of genetically engineered organisms into the Hunger Games books and films.
  9. Frozen: For younger students, check out My Frugal Adventures’ list of activity sheets that correspond to the film.