As you’re well aware by now, when unexpected school closures happen, there’s plenty of things that need to be done.

For FACTS SIS clients, we’ve prepared an Unplanned Closure Checklist in SIS Help to help your school craft a plan in case of unexpected closure. This comprehensive checklist should be considered as a best practice for any temporary school closure, and includes links to these SIS features:

  1. Configuring classes for online Instruction
    • Complete lesson plans in classes and displaying them on the Family Portal
    • Enable the Learning Management System (LMS) and LMS Chat for classes
  2. An LMS Media Kit with videos and documents to introduce LMS to your staff, students, and parents
  3. Verifying that Homework Drop is set to show for Family Portal
  4. Deciding how to count or record attendance during a closure
  5. Checking medical compliance for immunizations and recording medical events for any students needing to stay home if the campus remains open