Are you a part-time or retiring teacher interested in staying connected to keep making a difference in children’s lives?

FACTS Education Solutions hires hundreds of high-quality teachers, tutors, and coaches across the country to be an additional resource to help students and their classroom teachers succeed.

What is FACTS Education Solutions?

We help private schools utilize federal funding for teacher professional development and supplementary academic support to traditionally underserved children. We work closely with private schools to provide the best training and coaching for their teachers, the latest innovative teaching techniques, and instructional support for their students.

To accomplish this, we hire teachers who are already known in their local communities and area schools that they serve.

  • If a school needs coaching for new teachers or extra support for students, we first ask the local principal who they know and want in their classroom. That’s how we ensure quality teachers who fit right in with the school they serve.
  • We hire teachers to provide instructional services at private schools that work with FACTS Education Solutions. If you want to encourage schools in your area to utilize FACTS Ed, invite us to come to your area! We travel across the country holding workshops for groups of private schools to learn more about what federal resources are available to them and their opportunities. (Email [email protected] to invite us to your school!)

Wanted: teachers

Title 1 Teachers

We provide the opportunity for individual students to get small group instruction in order to fill educational gaps, and explore learning in a new way.

  • These positions are ideal for current, retired, or part-time teachers (or graduate students) interested in working an average of 3-5 hours per day, three days a week.
  • Usually commute is within a 30-minute driving radius.
  • People with a bachelor’s degree who are experts in their field, but aren’t certified as teachers, are eligible to be Title I teachers.
  • Teachers and tutors working 30 hours a week are eligible for full and fantastic FACTS Ed benefits under our parent company, Nelnet.

Supervising teachers

In some areas of the country, we partner with entire dioceses or consortiums of schools that span multiple districts. That’s when we look for supervising teachers to help manage the local FACTS Ed programs and teachers.

The ideal candidates have a talent for implementing educational programs and coordinating with other teachers.

  • This type of position could be part-time or full-time depending on the situation. Part-time, retiring, or current teachers looking for a new challenge are all encouraged to apply.
  • While situations vary greatly, a supervising teacher would expect to work 4-6 hours per day, 3-5 days a week.
  • Usually commute is within a 30-minute driving radius.
  • Like FACTS Ed Title I teachers, supervising teachers are employees of FACTS Education Solutions and are eligible for full benefits under the parent company, Nelnet.

Coaching teachers

We look for excellent teachers to help shape existing and the next generation of educators. If you’re well-known in your district or within networks of schools for mentoring new professionals, this could be a great fit for you.

  • The ideal candidate is a current teacher, or one with a passion and experience in the education world, who is an expert in their field.
  • While the majority of coaching is outside of the work day, some observation and coaching will happen in the classroom.
  • Coaching engagements could be 1-3 days per month per school.
  • Commute is local or within a 300-mile radius.
  • As an independent contractor, coaches are not eligible for Nelnet benefits.

Connect with us!

Job opportunities are dependent on which schools in your region are using FACTS Education Solutions services. If you would like to invite us to put a free “federal funding for private schools” informational workshop on for your private school community, please let us know at [email protected]

To apply for any existing or potential new positions in your area, please email a letter of intent and resume to [email protected].