A Conversation With Brad Murphey, Account Manager for FACTS SIS

In the spring of 2018, before the FACTS | RenWeb rebrand, RenWeb (now FACTS SIS) announced the company was moving to an account management model for customer support. This change helped to align both the SIS and financial product customer support teams in their focus and strategy. But, it was also designed to further improve our service goals of accountability, trust, and communication. The account management model assigns an account manager to one or more schools, and through repeated interactions, allows the team to establish closer relationships and knowledge about the school’s particular needs.

“I enjoy building relationships with clients,” said Brad Murphey, a FACTS SIS account manager. “It is really rewarding when I can turn their frustration into a positive experience.”

One of the hurdles when implementing a complex, school-wide system is that many schools find themselves dealing with the frustration of low staff adoption or customer support teams that communicate via email or need multiple days in order to fully resolve any issues that may arise. But, the FACTS SIS account management team does things differently.

“The SIS is really robust and that can be overwhelming – both to clients and to us – and the key to understanding it is to break down information into bite-size pieces,” said Murphey.

Account management has also allowed the team to become greater subject matter experts on the SIS.

“Account management has pushed me to learn new areas of the program that I may not have explored before,” said Murphey. “One of my schools needed help with child care, so I had to dig in and learn it.”

Live customer support for FACTS SIS, whether by phone or chat, is transformative for clients, but the account management model has taken it a step further. “We strive to be a team of dedicated specialists,” said Murphey. “We want to provide the best experience for schools.”