We saw this blog post on Hubspot about inbound marketing strategies and thought many of the items were applicable to schools too. How do you incorporate traditional inbound marketing tactics into school marketing strategies? Here are a few tips:

  1. “Make sure your website has the right messaging to help visitors pass the blink test.” – Does your school’s website meet all of your school’s needs? Is it visually appealing? Can visitors—whether they be current or prospective parents—find the information that they need in a few clicks? Does your school’s website communicate your school’s brand quickly and effectively?
  2. “Add visual calls-to-action to your site.” – Can prospective parents easily find where to get more information, inquire, or apply to your school? Can constituents find where to make online donations without digging through several levels of navigation?
  3. “Start blogging, and strive for a frequency of three to four times a week.” – If your school doesn’t have a blog yet, you should consider creating one. You can maximize your resources by using student bloggers.
  4. “Share your blog content with social media followers.” – Don’t forget to advertise your new blog posts on Facebook and Instagram!
  5. “Nurture leads with campaigns that bring them further down the funnel.” – Do you have an efficient admissions tracking system? Can you automatically convert inquiries into prospects, and applicants into enrolled students?
  6. “Share educational content on sites your target audience frequents.” – Offer your school community compelling content across all platforms.
  7. Track and test all of your activities so you can get a more accurate gauge of what’s working.” – Don’t forget to use an analytics tool to measure your website traffic.