Cognia-accredited school is in position to support FACTS schools through summer virtual learning program

As FACTS schools seek alternative options for their students who need summer school instruction, Xceed Anywhere, a private virtual school for students in grades 6-12, known for its innovative, personalized and flexible educational model, has stepped up to help.

Starting in June 2021, Xceed Anywhere will offer a virtual summer school program to FACTS schools, enabling them to reduce their typical summer school overhead and fill gaps in learning by enrolling their students in Xceed’s program.

“This can be a win-win for FACTS schools and Xceed,” said Xceed Anywhere CEO Dr. Brent Goldman. “We’ve been recognized as a virtual leader in education and have forged successful industry relationships, including our recent dual enrollment partnership with the University of Pittsburgh and Outlier. We are thrilled to offer a summer extension opportunity to FACTS schools and their students.”

Students enrolled in Xceed’s virtual summer school can take up to two full courses (or the first semester of four classes), which is perfect for those looking to either get ahead in their studies or those needing to utilize grade forgiveness. Students who successfully complete their course(s) will receive accredited, official Xceed Anywhere transcripts.

“Partnering with Xceed Anywhere allows us to practice our mission of making educational dreams possible through service and technology. We’re excited to provide more access to tools and content that help schools improve virtual learning for students,” said Jeremy Penner, FACTS Director of K-12 Product.

In addition to the academic and financial benefits of partnering with Xceed Anywhere, FACTS schools can leverage this opportunity to attract new students, such as those who currently homeschool, live outside their traditional geographic school boundaries and/or families that are experiencing financial hardship.

“Our faculty are all course- and state-certified and are often recognized for their engaging teaching methods; our virtual teaching is not like the remote or online learning many students have experienced this past year,” said Betty Norton, Xceed Anywhere’s Head of School. “They are well-equipped to meet students where they’re at academically, whether it is on a short- or long-term basis.”

In addition to being accredited by Cognia, Xceed Anywhere is also an NCAA-approved school, allowing elite athletes to train effectively while enrolled in middle or high school.

For more information on Xceed Anywhere’s virtual summer program, please send an email to [email protected].