Addressing Learning Gaps and Progress Monitoring in Reading K-5

About This Course

Everyone knows the famous saying, “If you can read this, thank a teacher!” This is a quote to live by when you are an educator, especially a reading educator! We are ALL reading teachers ALL the time, whether it be in a formal ELA class, deciphering a word problem in math class, decoding terms or reading sequential directions in science class, or reading (and understanding) rich content in social studies. Reading is the foundation of learning, no matter what age.

It is no secret that the current pandemic has jolted us further into the riveting world of technology, much further than many of us may have ever wanted to journey! The “what ifs” of possible reading gaps haunt us as educators as we try to seamlessly pivot into this “new norm” of virtual education. Please join Ally Wickman, who serves as the K-5 Lower School Reading Specialist at The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia, for a practical and interactive session on our current apprehensions around how to address possible learning gaps in reading K-5, as we adapt this new growth mindset around virtual learning.