Blended Learning: Tools, Techniques, and Resources

About This Course

The goal of this workshop is to empower traditional classroom teachers with the tools and techniques needed to effectively blend active learning online with dynamic learning in the classroom.

In this three-session workshop, attendees will gain the skills needed to cultivate a community of inquiry online to complement and enhance the work done in the physical classroom.

Explore: the power of discussion as a learning tool, techniques for using mobile devices to encourage problem solving, research, and collaboration, the flipped classroom as a vehicle to create time and space in the classroom, and strategies for weaving instructional mediums together.

This session offers:

  • Support materials and concrete strategies for creating a community of inquiry online.
  • Discussion on how to establish and maintain a virtual safe space, build an online community, support students in saying something substantial, and choose a realistic facilitation role for work done online.
  • Tips for designing discussion questions, assignments, and online tasks that produce dynamic conversations, engage higher-order thinking skills, and empower students to drive their own learning.
  • Opportunities to explore the flipped classroom model (with emphasis on engagement around content) and brainstorming on how teachers can create student-centered learning opportunities to build on work online.
  • Time to explore project-based learning in a blended model.
  • Hands-on practice with QR codes and mobile devices, Google docs, Collaborize Classroom, Linoit, and Socrative.
  • iNACOL’s Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework.
  • Creating content for blended learning.
  • Pedagogy and best practices for blended learning.