Boundless Creativity

About This Course

Students with special needs often get stuck in rote memory, knowledge, and comprehension stages. Boundless Creativity breaks that ceiling by teaching what creativity is and providing access to it.

We access wisdom by identifying the unique learning formula conditions of all students, providing equitable participation for special needs students. Then, creative thoughts, insights, and truth are unleashed.

This training focuses on the six-step process revealing how “aha” moments occur, helping attendees develop a superhighway between the left and right brain to open a stream of insights.

Attendees will learn the balance between cognitive thought and intuition while opening up the right brain/creative side. It shifts students from an unengaged, “I dunno” to “I have a great idea!” or “a better solution is…” or “did you ever consider…?”

Teachers will not only benefit personally from learning the process, but students will gain the same brain-changing, thought-releasing, and experience-shifting in their thinking patterns to allow for more intuition and creativity.