eWalk: Classroom Observation

About This Course

eWalk is a classroom observation program for improving and empowering administrators, coaches, and lead teachers as instructional leaders. The eWalk Classroom Observation is designed to develop a continuous, systemic, long-range school improvement program.

eWalk prepares educators to engage in focused visits to the classroom for the purpose of ensuring:

  • Instruction meets the needs of all learners
  • Instructional management and monitoring of student academic achievement
  • Instructional needs of learners are met with appropriate resources and technology tools

The program incorporates alignment to school accreditation standards, proven professional development methodologies, new technologies, and customized training for administrators and coaches.

eWalk is designed to support school staff in gaining knowledge in instructional practices that increase student achievement. eWalk is based upon the research findings by Dr. Robert Marzano, Charlotte Danielson, and Mike Schmoker among other noted educational specialists in classroom walkthroughs.