Leadership Coaching for Administrators and School Leadership Teams

About This Course

The coaching and mentoring of school leaders and leadership teams has been highly effective in school improvement plans. FACTS Education Solutions supports the development of school leaders, assists to develop a climate and culture in the school that empowers every teacher, and fortifies the leader in making positive school improvements. Therefore, the program can impact every student and teacher in the school.

This coaching and mentoring program is comprised of 10 leadership competencies that revolve around the key attributes of proven leaders.

Components can be customized to include on-site and online training to respect the participants’ time for professional development. Workshop sessions are customized to address the needs of the individual district or school.

Training is designed to:

  • Support the improvement and development of school leaders
  • Help school leaders develop a climate and culture that drives student achievement
  • Fortify each leader in their pursuit of leading significant levels of school improvements
  • Offer multi-level support directly with a top school leadership consultant