Project-Based Learning in a Blended Learning Model to Teach College and Career Readiness

About This Course

This course is designed for those who wish they had more time for project-based learning (PBL).

Using Web 2.0 technology, asynchronous online discussions, and Google apps, attendees will learn how to connect students inside and outside of the classroom to build PBL into the curriculum.

Participants will also learn how to create more opportunities for students to work together, explore, problem solve, think critically, and create.

This session presents multidisciplinary project structures that can be easily facilitated in a blended learning model – combining work in the physical classroom with work done online to increase student engagement and get them college and career ready.

Teachers will:

  • Explore the rigors for their grade level/subject area
  • Experiment with Google apps (docs, presentation, drawing, forms/spreadsheets)
  • Explore project structures that are cross disciplinary
  • Map out a project that integrates web tools and/or Google apps
  • Collaborate with peers to create a project