Rokenbok – Engineering and Design

About This Course

Academic researchers and child development experts have known for many years that basic literacies and an affinity for STEAM learning can be gained through dynamic construction, such as Rokenbok.

The Rokenbok Dynamic Curriculum consists of project-based technology and engineering challenges, embedded science and math concepts, design briefs with context and rationale, correlation to educational objectives and standards, and the student assessment rubric.

The Rokenbok Dynamic Curriculum focuses on the three lessons of fluency:

Level 1: System Fluency

  • Introduction to the Rokenbok technology and engineering, step-by-step instructions, science and math fundamentals, and single-solution challenges

Level 2: Creative Fluency

  • Introduction to design briefs, design briefs scaffold the creative process and require out-of-the-box thinking, and multi-science challenges

Level 3: Engineering Fluency

  • Advanced design briefs introduce 3D modeling, 3D printing, and multi-solution challenges