Square Pegs for Round Goals: College, Career, and Life Preparedness for Students

About This Course

Schools have always demonstrated excellence in preparing students for the world of the previous generation. But, in a rapidly changing world of complex demands that we cannot yet envision, this pattern is less and less effective. Momentum works against us and we create square pegs for round goals.

There remains a body of knowledge required for daily living and for work in a classroom, but this is being redefined by every present digital tool. There is a new set of learning skills a college student should be comfortable with, such as: productivity software, effectively finding and evaluating Internet resources, or working collaboratively with groups who may be in the same room or may be in different time zones.

Without requisite skills, fundamental knowledge falls flat to keep to a schedule, and to focus amidst chaos. Many of the roles formerly left to the teacher have to be internalized, and only through encouraging active learning, rather than passive compliance, can schools develop these more advanced habits.

Navigating the realities of job search, career building through various positions and fields, and student loan repayment – not to mention the continued challenge of moving out and making a life on one’s own – are skills that are never explicitly addressed in a college curriculum. In fact, in most college programs there is little focus on giving students anything more than a degree, a vital but not comprehensive ticket to the future.

College preparedness is far more than what is documented on the SAT or found on a transcript. The life and learning skills that students develop in elementary and secondary school are vital to real success in college and more importantly to the round goals of their future.