Vosaic: Helping Teachers Grow

About This Course

In every classroom, training scenario, or professional evaluation, important learning moments and opportunities go unnoticed. Vosaic helps you gather, identify, and share those moments using video.

If you’ve ever tried to provide feedback to teachers right after their class – or worse, a day later – you know how hard it can be to accurately capture thoughts you had in the moment.

Recording a video of a teacher allows you to find and share key learning moments that are important for their professional development.

This session explains how Vosaic can help you:

  • Capture and upload video using your favorite device. Watch it alone, or with your team to discover key moments you want to review.
  • Create a set of custom buttons you and your team can press every time you see a moment you want to come back to later.
  • Use comments to describe your thinking around specific moments or to provide more detailed feedback.
  • Compare how different team members viewed and marked up the same video, or share your marked up video with others for feedback.