Conference Speakers

A Zed Jamaica Luncheon

Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Montego Suite

April 19, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


FACTS (formerly RenWeb), Zed Jamaica, The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Science, Energy, and Technology, and E-Learning Company Jamaica Limited have come together to provide insights and resources on the Data Protection Act and cybersecurity, ensuring your school is ready to adhere to the new data protection standards. View our speakers below.


  • The minister will bring remarks at 1 pm.

  • Mike will explain cybersecurity threats in the education sector and data protection at a high level, especially pertaining to privacy and security regulations and standards as they apply to schools.

    Mike is a seasoned executive with 20 years of cybersecurity, risk management, and regulatory compliance experience in the financial services industry. As Nelnet’s Deputy Chief Security Officer, Mike provides vision and strategic leadership for implementing enterprise-wide business, technology, and cybersecurity initiatives and oversees the Nelnet Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance teams. He also serves on the PTA board for his daughter’s school, which tends to be more stressful than helping manage risk for a $1bn+ revenue company.

  • Andrew Lee E-Learning

  • Mark will speak to the value and importance of school modernization and relevance within Jamaica’s quest to grow, mature, and retain their brain trust in-country. The presence of world-class infrastructure enables school communities to increase transparency and accountability around the learner’s progress, thereby increasing achievement – and ultimately life success. Mark advocates the positive impact FACTS services can have on today’s global schools. These transforming technologies revive and modernize learning communities, enabling schools toward vitality and long-term sustainability. An outcropping of best practices elevate real time engagement between the learner and parent, accelerating growth in all facets of the school community.

    As a previous school head, Mark’s quest for better administrative tools initially led him to FACTS. He exhibits a passion for education, and a burning desire to assist schools toward best practice results. This path includes guiding schools toward the adoption of state-of-the-art management tools as they innovate for the future.

    Specialties: Educational Leadership; Institutional Development; Communication; Visioning; Strategic Planning; Business Development

  • “UZAZI” Swahili meaning “Birth” was conceived from a dream and a need to make a difference in the lives of children of the developing world. Having worked within school systems for decades we felt skilled and empowered enough to assess, appreciate and strategically support schools in the developing world. We chose schools as the educational component in developing countries understanding that they are that one resource that sculpts the future of a country. The primary investment of teachers within these institutions shape children for essential participation and nation building.

  • Jacinth will explain the advantages of digital transactions for schools, and how to make payments convenient for busy parents in today’s world.

  • In this presentation, we will explore the critical importance of data in today’s digital age, and how schools can effectively manage their data through respecting, investing, and using it wisely. We will also discuss the role of the FACTS School Management System and the expectations schools should have from us to ensure the safety and security of their valuable data. By the end of this presentation, you will have a deeper understanding of the best practices for data management and how to protect your school’s sensitive information from cyber threats.