We have been hard at work on a new scheduling experience within FACTS SIS!

Why did we update scheduling?

Scheduling in FACTS SIS has not lived up to the high standards we strive to provide throughout all areas of our SIS product. Users were confused by the menuing and the workflow, encountered performance problems, and could not find useful tools that were available in our legacy Desktop product. In addition to those frustrations, many of our customers requested new and improved features to make scheduling easier and more efficient.
And we heard you! Our goal with this update was to make menuing and navigation more clear, to update the design and styling to match other areas of the product, resolve reported issues and frustrations, and to live up to the great experience you expect using FACTS SIS.

Here’s what to expect:

  • We redesigned our menu to appear on every page in the scheduling area. Users will no longer need to click a button to return to the main menu. They will be able to jump from page to page, in one easy click.
  • We used clear descriptions and color coding to help you understand where you need to click and details about courses and classes.
  • For Template creation, we received requests asking to assign and store a start and end time for schedule periods. With this update, users will be able to assign a start or end time to a period or schedule row. Please note that users will no longer be able to type a word or phrase for the “time” location in the schedule. This update will not affect any templates made in the past.
  • To help our users become at ease with this update, we are providing contextual walkthroughs to highlight the changes and to help users find the the features they need.
Be on the lookout for these scheduling updates in a few weeks!