Please see below for important updates to FACTS SIS:


  • We made a change to Standardized Test Configuration requiring each type of score to have a name (such as Reading Comprehension or Mathematics).

People Management

  • Standardized Test scores are now visible to users in the Standardized Test area of Student Academics, without requiring the user to open each individual test.
  • We added locker information to the student dashboard allowing users quick access without having to navigate to the Student – School area.
  • Family Individual and Staff ID numbers now display on the Family Individual or Staff Dashboard.

Incidental Billing

  • We limited the options of statuses school users have to assign students to a term. Now, schools will only be able to assign students to a term if they are: enrolled, pre-enrolled, or admissions status. This will prevent schools from assigning all students, often creating records for students no longer attending the school.


For the full list of all FACTS SIS updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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