Please see below for important updates to FACTS SIS:

Student Billing

  • We cleaned up the user interface in the following Student Billing areas for consistency:
    • Accounting Categories
    • Accounting Defaults
    • Accounting Families
    • Deposits
    • Family Register
    • Family Register – Notes
    • Family Register – Reverse Payment
    • Family register Payment
    • G/L
    • Inventory
    • Late Charges
    • Payments

Database Tasks – Person/Family Cleanup

  • We added a link for users to access the Edit Family area from the Person/Family Cleanup task.

People Management

  • We added responsive design to the following areas, allowing users to view and edit information from their device of choice – including mobile devices:
    • Family – Relationships
    • Student/Family Individual/Staff – Single Email
    • Service Hours


  • We added responsive design to the following areas within Communications:
    • Navigation Bar
    • Email Attachments
  • We added the ability to email student and staff schedules.

For the full list of all FACTS SIS updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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