Please see below for important updates to FACTS SIS:

Home Page

  • We added an announcements feature to the home page of the SIS. This feature will display current ParentsWeb announcements within the SIS so that users will not have to log into ParentsWeb to see them.
  • Announcements will display based on the audience settings within ParentsWeb Configuration.
  • We also added the ParentsWeb Calendar to display events within the SIS Home Page. Events will display based on the audience settings within ParentsWeb Configuration.
  • We updated our calendar “date picker” to allow changing the week/month more easily.

System Defaults

  • We added a “School Options” card to System defaults. This will allow users to turn on or off the Calendar/Announcements feature on the Home page.

Classroom – Progress Report Comments

  • Users will now be able to edit Progress Report comments within a dialog box. This update will display comments in a larger text area for easier editing and previewing. Previously, users were only allowed a text box that would not expand to show the entire comment.


  • The “Email Sent” confirmation message will now display for a longer period of time.

Parent Alert

  • Users may now use the “Emergency” feature for Parent Alert.

People Management – Responsive Updates

  • We made an update to Staff Substitutes, allowing for mobile and tablet compatibility.
  • Many of our pages within People Management will expand to show more data at once, to eliminate wasted space.
  • Data on the Student School page will now be organized within a grid.


  • We added general Student Tracking to the SIS. Schools may use this feature to keep checklists and to track progress for a variety of purposes.
  • Users may also set up emails to notify parents or guardians of a completed checklist item, similar to Admissions and Enrollment tracking.


  • We moved the save button in Family – User Defined from the left side of the screen to the right side.


  • Users may now select a reason for a staff absence in the Substitutes area, in addition to the Staff Attendance area.


  • We added a security right to allow users to access Student Tracking.

Lunch Verification

  • We made a significant update to our Lunch Verification experience! Based on user feedback, we made some visual updates as well as some key new additions:
    • Student Alerts will now display within Lunch Verification
    • We added a search feature for users to find students more easily
    • Barcode and fingerprint scanning are also included in this update

Student Billing

  • We added Deposit ID to the payment display so that users can see which deposit a payment is tied to more easily.

General Updates

  • We will be removing unneeded text descriptions throughout the SIS.

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