Please see below for important updates to FACTS SIS:

Student Billing – Cash Register

  • We made an update to Cash Register so that when a user attempts to create a charge where the financial responsibility for a student does not add up to 100%, a notification will appear for the user giving them the option to cancel or proceed to create the charge.
  • If the user elects to create the charge, it will be sent to the Accounting Error Check report.
  • If the user is recording a payment, they will be forced to select a family for financial responsibility for the transaction. The payment and the charge will be recorded on the selected family’s account.
  • This update will not affect the Cash Register for FACTS Premier users

Incidental Billing

  • We updated the school options display to match the ones used in the SIS. We removed “Term” for consistency. The Academic Year and Term will default to the option selected in “System Defaults”.
  • We added an option to select the term families should be mapped to in Enterprise. This is available on each of the filtered views (Enrolled Students, Staff Families, Other Families).
  • We moved the lunch setting fields to a new card on Billing Defaults so that users can make changes without having to contact Account Management.
  • All instances of Term in Incidental Billing have been changed to Financial Term so that a user can differentiate between a school term and a financial term from Enterprise. Affected areas are as follows:
    • Charge Creation Wizards
    • Transaction Error Management
    • Family Mapping
    • Financial Responsibility
    • Term Assignment

Configuration – Block Academic Year

Thanks to a number of user feedback requests, School Administrators can block certain staff and faculty members from accessing particular academic years.

Here’s why we made the update:

  • We received some feedback from our users that teachers were able to access their class rosters for an upcoming academic year before the scheduling had been completed. This often prompted questions and concerns from instructors to administrators. Administrators needed a way to restrict access to the data for the upcoming year without impacting the work for the current year, while they set up classes, finalize enrollment, and complete scheduling.

Here’s how it works:

  • Administrators who wish to Block an academic year from staff or faculty members may do so in the Year and Term portion of Configuration. Please note that we have included a new security right, “Year and Term – All Years Access”, intended to give top level users the ability to override the block for specific security groups.
  • If a year is marked as “Blocked”, as standard user will be unable to access the blocked academic year from the Year and Term Menu at the top of the page, access reporting data and filters tied to the blocked year, and will be unable to access classroom data for classes tied to the clocked year. Administrators with “All Years Access” will still have the ability to access data tied to blocked year, with the exception of LMS data.
  • All affected areas are as follows:
    • LMS – Removes access for all users for a blocked year
    • SIS Admin
    • SIS Classroom
    • Communication and Communication Filters
    • Incidental Billing
    • Student Billing
    • Setup is in Configuration – Year and Term

Family Finance

  • We added a new screen to the Family area in People Management titled “Family Finance”. This new feature will allow a user to view students in a family and make changes to financial responsibility percentages for each those students

Here’s how it works:

  • Student names will display in red text if there is an issue with the financial responsibility percentage for any accounting system or institution account, as defined below –
    • Admissions, Enrolled, and Pre-enrolled students will be required to have 100% for all accounts.
    • Graduate, Inactive, and Withdrawn students will be required to have 100% or 0% for all accounts.
  • When a user updates the “Accounting” checkbox for a family (located in the Family General Screen in the “Family Options” box), affecting a student’s financial responsibility, the user will be taken directly to the new family finance screen to update the financial responsibility.

Parent Alert

  • We now display a character limit as users create messages for Parent Alert.
  • We added a message for the “Emergency” feature for clarity. This will explain to the user that, if selected, an alert will send to all selected recipients – regardless of settings in the Parent Preferences. If a parent replies “STOP” to the alert after receiving it, they will no longer receive messages, including emergency notifications. Please note this is not a change in functionality – we are simply adding clarifying verbiage.

People Management – Responsive Updates

  • We updated the Student Finance screen for mobile and tablet device compatibility.


  • Due to a large number of requests, we updated Gradebook Options security rights. This update will allow Administrators the ability to give instructors access to specific Gradebook options without requiring them to access to all features. The security options are defined below:
    • Calculations
    • Grading Codes
    • Letter Grades
    • Preferences
    • Standards
  • We also removed the old Gradebook Options right for consistency purposes.

Configuration – Navigation

  • We added some quick links to the following areas in Configuration from People Management:
    • Congregations
    • Multiple Picture Upload
    • Person Interests
    • Student Standardized Tests

System Updates

  • International Characters are now compatible with the Admissions area of FACTS SIS.

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