Please see below for important updates to FACTS SIS:

Classroom – Lesson Plans

We made a big update to Classroom – Lesson Plans. Teachers may now view their lesson plans in a week format. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Users can choose the days they want to view in Lesson Plan Settings. (e.g. Mon-Fri, MWF, TTh, etc.)
  • Users will be able to edit multiple lesson plan days at once in the same view. Changes will autosave, as in the day view.
  • Users will have access to appropriate Lesson Plan reports from the Week view.
  • We did not make any functional changes to the day view, but made some minor design updates to match the look in week view.
  • This update will satisfy over 500 UserVoice supporters!


  • We added a new Integrations Signup page to the Configuration area. Users will be able to see a list of available 3rd party integrations we offer and sign up for services they would like to use.
  • We added a security right for access to this area, noted as “SIS Integrations”.
  • We also updated the Progress Report section in Gradebook Setup, adding options for “Standards” or “Grading Code” based progress reports defaults for classes. This update accompanies changes we recently made within Gradebook Options.


  • Users may now remove honor roll data for a student without affecting the rank. This change is the result of a reported issue and addresses gaps between Desktop and FACTS SIS.


  • We updated the Emergency Contacts/Pick Up Report to address inconsistencies in ordering. The report should now match the ordering within FACTS SIS. We made this update to address reported concerns from users.


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