Please see below for important updates to FACTS SIS:

Learning Management

  • Auto-Save is now in LMS Assignment, Discussion and Quiz. This applies to the Grade, Curve, Penalty and Bonus Fields.

FACTS Billing: Cafeteria Charges (Lunch Charges)

  • For Premier Billing and Online Payments clients billing Cafeteria Charges through the SIS, we have relabeled Lunch Charges and Cafeteria Charges and revamped the charge creation process. We’ve added filtering capabilities for those of you who need to isolate certain populations to bill and added an easy calendar picker clearly showing dates with available charges to bill and preventing the possibility of double billing. To learn more, check out the articles in FACTS SIS Help.

FACTS Cash Register

  • We’ve added a class filter to the FACTS Cash Register and some help links to ease use and navigation while in the FACTS Cash Register.

Updated FACTS Branding

  • We’ve updated the logos, banners, and browser tab favicon on the FACTS Billing screens to reflect our updated logos and branding.

Student Billing

  • We added the ability for users to search their inventory items by barcode.

Online Application/Enrollment

  • Families may now have the option to access their Online Application account from within ParentsWeb. This addresses the top OA/OE request in UserVoice with 137 supporters!
  • Users may now use batch import of OE packets which allows a user to skip the Review and Sync process of importing an Online Enrollment reenrollment packet. This functionality can be turned on through Admin Settings of the OA/OE CMS.


For the full list of all FACTS SIS updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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