Please see below for important updates to FACTS SIS:

Attendance – By Student

  • We added the ability to fill attendance comments for students in the Attendance by Student area.


  • We added the ability to manage Family Individual Medical information in the Medical Area.

People Management

  • We added shortcuts to the configuration area for the following items in order to reduce clicks:
    • Student Substatus
    • Staff Observations
    • Evaluations
  • We also updated the following pages within the People Management area for responsive compatibility. This update will allow users to access these areas on their mobile device, in addition to computers and tablets:
    • Family-Dashboard
    • Parent-Dashboard
    • Responsive Nav Bar
    • Staff-Dashboard
    • Student-Dashboard
    • Student-Edit User Password
    • Student-Academic
    • Student-Alert Dialog
    • Student-Schedule
    • Student-School

Student Billing

  • We reformatted the charge preview grids and added the ability to print the grids in each of the areas listed below. This addresses gaps in functionality between FACTS SIS and Desktop:
    • Charges Lunch
    • Late Charges
    • General Charges
    • Charges Course
    • Childcare Charges
  • We reformatted the Accounting Error Check Report and added a section to show students with incorrect financial responsibility ratios. This update addresses reported usability issues with Student Financial Responsibility.
  • We added the Fiscal Year Deferred Balance Transfer Report to Student Billing. This update addresses gaps between FACTS SIS and Desktop, as well as UserVoice Requests.
  • We updated the grid edits within Family Register to be more consistent with other grids in the Student Billing area.


  • We added the ability to export ParentsWeb Calendar


For the full list of all FACTS SIS updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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