ELEVATE 2023: Pay Using Title Funds

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin

Lake Buena Vista, FL

July 24-27


If you are a teacher planning to attend this conference, you may be eligible to use Title or EANS funding awarded to your school to pay for the cost of your registration. You can work with your school administrator to contact the LEA/SEA and start the approval process. You can share this Justification Letter in the event that you need to show content that qualifies for the use of Title or EANS funding. You can also reach out to your FACTS or FACTS Ed Account Manager if you need additional assistance with this process.

NOTE – You will need to include approval in the form of a PO or a completed copy of the LEA Approval Form when you submit registration for this conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will need to request approval from the LEA or SEA to use Title funds for the cost of your registration by using this approval form. Typically, this will be submitted to the LEA by the site administrator at your school.

  • LEA stands for Local Education Agency – this is typically the local school district or parish, based on the location of your school. SEA stands for State Education Agency, or the Department of Education for your state.

  • If you’re not sure, your principal or site administrator can check with your account manager or RVP. If your school is already receiving professional development or instructional services through FACTS Education, we are likely registered as a vendor with the LEA to provide services. If not, a W9 from FACTS will need to be submitted to the district to register the company as a vendor. Your account manager or RVP can work with the LEA and/or your school administrator to complete this process.

  • Some LEAs will issue a PO for you to submit with your registration. If this is not the case, you can use the Event Approval Form. Submit this form to the LEA with your request to use Title funding for registration, and ask that the completed form be returned to you. Plan to submit the completed form with your conference registration.

  • This depends on what is allowable, according to the rules set down by the LEA/district. Your principal or site administrator will need to confirm what (if any) additional expenses are eligible. The LEA may agree to cover all, some, or none of your travel expenses. Make sure this section of the approval form is completed by the LEA, and make sure to save a copy for your records.
    NOTE – If approved, you will likely have to submit a separate form for reimbursement of any allowable travel expenses after attending the conference. Make sure to save your receipts.

  • After the event, you will likely need to submit proof that you attended/participated in this conference. This documentation includes a program summary/schedule and proof of attendance, typically in the form of a certificate of completion or verification letter from the conference organizer(s).
    NOTE – After each breakout session, you will have the opportunity to complete a feedback survey. Upon completion of the survey(s), you will be able to download your certificate for each session. Make sure to save copies of the certificate(s) for your records.

  • It is recommended that you receive approval by using this pre-approval form prior to submitting your registration. However, you may still enter ‘INVOICE’ in the discount code box during registration, then send the completed LEA approval form or PO to your designated account manager ASAP.

  • Yes – EANS funds can be used to pay for the cost of conference registration, as long as the sessions you attend can be tied back to student learning challenges/loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Session schedule, including titles and descriptions, will be available soon through the conference registration site.

    NOTE – Make sure to save a copy of your personalized agenda, and completion certificates from each session. This documentation will need to be submitted to the SEA for compliance purposes.

  • hether or not, and what percentage of travel costs can be paid for using EANS funds is determined by the SEA/State Dept. of Ed. Your principal and/or FACTS Ed EANS Account Manager will be able to help you get this information.

    NOTE – It is strongly encouraged that you request pre-approval from the SEA, including a list of what costs are covered and at what percentage, use the Event Approval Form 

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