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Financial Aid Trends for Independent Schools

The numbers of financial aid applications continue to rise and the complexity around assessing families does too. In this report, we’re helping to break down the factors contributing to trends you may be seeing at your own school. Get your copy! 
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Financial Management

Guide to Business – For New School Heads

You’ve probably been in education for many years, but this may be your first time in a head of school role or a role that has board oversight, financial components, or regular meetings with the business manager. That’s why we created this short guide to help you feel more comfortable in your new role and give you a quick reference to helpful definitions, best practices, and resources. Get your guide today!
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Get the Free Resource: Top Tips for Keeping School Information Safe

With the evolution of modern environments and the rise of cybersecurity threats, it seems like keeping sensitive information safe proves more challenging every year. What can schools do to better protect themselves? 
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Get the Free Resource: K-12 School Cybersecurity Terms Glossary

Get familiar with key IT security terms and acronyms. They may help keep you and your school’s data safe and secure! Download your free guide today.
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Get the Free Resource: Mobile App Design Guide

Whether it’s your school’s first mobile app or you just need a refresh, our design guide can help! Quickly and easily create graphics to help build your school’s app Learn general app design principles Discover best practices for app icons
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