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When Grapevine Faith Christian School (Faith)’s student information system vendor partnered with another tuition management provider, the school chose to follow, moving away from FACTS. After challenges with navigating the system, limitations with customization, and lacking customer service, Faith re-implemented FACTS Tuition Management with Incidental Billing and FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. After a seamless implementation, the school is saving time and resources, and giving parents easier accessibility and greater payment options.


Faith is a private school located in Grapevine, Texas. As an independent, inter-denominational and biblically based K-12 school, Faith is committed to “Developing and Graduating Authentic Christian Leaders”. The school has selective admissions, enrolling over 800 students and offering a co-educational, evangelical, and college preparatory experience. Faith is accredited by AdvancED and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and is affiliated with ACSI and approximately 20 Christian, academic, athletic, and other associations.

Faith is accredited by AdvancED and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and is affiliated with ACSI and approximately 20 Christian, academic, athletic, and other associations.


Faith, a long-time FACTS customer, switched to another provider when its student information system vendor partnered with another tuition management provider, believing the change would mean streamlined, easy-to-use systems. However, administration soon realized the new solution was harder to navigate, especially with tuition billing. Administrators could not adjust payment dates or payment plans, and were not able to invoice for other charges easily. Challenges also surfaced in the area of financial aid as families attempted to upload valuable information to the system. The school saw significant delays in the verification process and had questions about the security of their data with this delay. Additionally, Faith encountered challenges by not having one account manager to provide support across the various products they were using.

Throughout its first year with the new solution, Faith continued to experience challenges, ultimately leading the school to reconsider FACTS.

According to Denise Jordan, Student Account Specialist for Faith, “I had more complaints from families when we moved away from FACTS; from customer service issues to fee issues. This not only stressed out our parents; it also significantly delayed processes. I never had those types of issues with FACTS.”


Faith needed an easy to understand, highly flexible tuition management solution with incidental billing to accommodate its unique program. The school also needed data collecting and reporting tools to support its financial aid awards process. Furthermore, parents and families of Faith needed an easy to access, easy to use online tool for setting up and making payments for tuition and other items.

The Solution:

Upon deciding its new tuition management company wasn’t the right fit for the school, Faith reached out to its former FACTS Regional Vice President, Trenton Cornehl. Trenton walked administrators through the comprehensive FACTS suite of services, focusing primarily on FACTS Tuition Management with Incidental Billing and FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.

“When I reached out about returning to FACTS, Trenton was both gracious and amazing to answer all of my questions,” Jordan explained. “I tried to take a fresh approach, as if I had never used FACTS, to learn about their products so I could make an accurate evaluation. Having webinars to watch about the
products helped as well.”

FACTS Tuition Management and Incidental Billing gives Faith the ability to handle multiple billing needs, including tuition and after school care. This saves the school and parents time, as it sends
communications automatically and allows parents to make payments online or set up automatic payments. The flexibility built within the FACTS solution also gives administrators the ability to make adjustments throughout the year, including changing payment dates to accommodate families facing unexpected circumstances.

“We went back to FACTS because it’s easy to use and it saves me time,” commented Jordan. “We never have challenges with remittance information/payments for tuition. Incidental Billing is very flexible and saves me time all year long. The financial aid process is seamless for parents and we’re able to add custom questions to help our team make the best decisions for our families.”

The FACTS Tuition Management solution also delivers easy to understand remittance statements, which can be created without fees being deducted. This is especially valuable for families needing to break up their tuition into multiple payments throughout the school year. FACTS collects all tuition and fees, remitting them to the school each week, keeping records current. The FACTS team handles all follow up communications to Faith parents, further saving administrative time.

Tracking expenses in the FACTS system greatly simplifies day-to-day administrative tasks at Faith, which allows its staff to allocate more time to its students and core goals. Custom reporting tools further allow the school to gain insights to improve its financial stability.

In addition to Tuition Management, Faith also utilizes FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. This tool collects necessary family data, analyzes it, and provides administrators with the information they need to eliminate any guesswork so they can provide aid to the families who need it most. Faith has the ability to customize questions and gather valuable feedback, which helps the school better serve its students and families.

“FACTS provides us with a great alternative to our families who are unable to pay tuition in full,” commented Jordan. “They collect tuition/fees for us and remit them each week without fail. We know we’ll be able to collect on everything much better than if we were doing it alone.”


FACTS keeps Grapevine Faith Christian School connected and in better communication with its parents and families. From time-saving payment options to resource-saving billing tools to valuable data collection, FACTS provides a comprehensive solution to support the goals of the school.

“If we have questions , our Account Manager Lindsey gets us answers quickly. It’s not that there are never issues, but when they arise we get prompt attention and they’re resolved just as fast,” Jordan explained. “And I’m not told often, if ever, ‘the system can’t do that’. That’s good customer service! System limitations were a huge problem for me with the other vendor behind the scenes.”

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